Who we are?

We are not a government agency.

We are a network of doctors, nurses, counselors, Community Health Workers and health educators in Maine that works together to provide health care to agriculture and aquaculture workers and their families.

What we do?

  • Offer clinics at farmworker camps and housing
  • Provide access to primary and preventive care, specialty care, dental, vision and mental health services
  • Help with the cost of health visits and prescriptions
  • Help schedule appointments
  • Provide transport to medical appointments
  • Offer interpretation
  • Provide health education

How much do services cost?

MMHP has a sliding fee scale. Based on your income and family size, you may have to pay for some of your visit.

Minimum fees are listed below:

  • $5 for a medical appointment
  • $20 for a dental appointment
  • $5 for a prescription


You must register for the program each year.

Do you qualify?

You qualify for the program if:

You or a family member currently works in agriculture or aquaculture.
Your or your family’s main work in the last 24 months has been agriculture or aquaculture.


  • Planting, picking or packing vegetables or fruit
  • Planting trees
  • Working on a dairy or egg farm
  • Working on an oyster, salmon or kelp farm

We help the whole person.

It is important to seek health and well-being in the body, as well as the mind and spirit.

Many people may experience:

  • Hard work and long hours
  • A different culture and language
  • Need to support family
  • Separation from loved ones
  • Loneliness
  • Uncertainty about the future
  • Feeling unsafe
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Body aches and pain
  • Feeling sad, frustrated, distressed
  • Wanting to change old habits

Talking to someone can bring relief and help you find solutions. For more information contact your Community Health Worker.

All visits with the program are 100% private and confidential!

What about health insurance?

We have Certified Application Counselors trained to help you understand if you are eligible for health insurance and how much insurance costs. We can also help you with the insurance enrollment process.

Who do you call?

  • If you need URGENT medical attention, call 9-1-1
  • If you are having an EMOTIONAL CRISIS and need urgent attention, call 1-888-568-1112
  • For all other purposes, call your Community Health Worker, or our office at 1-888-351-9634

Your Privacy is Important to Us

The law requires the Maine Mobile Health Program (MMHP) to keep your protected health information private. Our Notice of Privacy Practices explains how MMHP can use and share your protected health information.  It also says what rights you have with your health information.

Click here to read the full Notice of Privacy Practice


“The language has taken me some time to read, I understand the speaking better, but it takes time to read. Being part of this program has helped me continue my classes and meet nice people. In this area, people are really nice… I can see how nice people treat each other. I want to be a person who helps others, too. I can do this with this job, as a CHA. Because, of my skills I can be the person who goes between both languages and its feels good!”
~ SP

“Stress is a common occurrence with us, for the simple reason of relocation, different living conditions, etc. I personally know that this program, such as Maine Migrant Health Program are priceless to us, and are deeply appreciated by all of us. We are temporary residents of this community and state, but still are in need of this medical and social services provided by this program.”
~ SM

“It is a privilege to speak about this program because, thanks to the support and the hard work of the employees we, the migrant farmworkers, have enjoyed many benefits such as medical services, medications, food, health education, family guidance etc.”
~ JC G

“Este programa es muy importante y necesitado para nosotros. Lo que aprendí aquí me ha motivado ha comprar mi propia maquina para tomar la presión de gente en mi pueblo. Es bien interesante.”
~ JC P

“Este programa nos a sido de mucha ayuda para mi y mi familia y también para todos mis hermanos hispanos… yo llegue aquí el ano de 1994 y desde entonces me han ayudado… les doy gracias.”
~ CR