Monthly Archives: March 2015

2015 Farmworker Awareness Week

We are in the midst of Farmworker Awareness Week and joining with partners and friends to express our appreciation for the contributions that farmworkers make to our health, economy, and communities as they provide the labor that brings food to our plates. Check out Student Action with Farmworkers to learn about some of their initiatives for Farmworker Awareness Week and what you can do to be in solidarity with farmworkers… read more »

Please Join Us: “Maine Migrations, Past and Present”

On Sunday, April 26, 2015, Colby College will host Maine Migrations, Past and Present.  The conference will bring together folks who study, work with, care about, or are themselves members of minority communities that immigrated to Maine, both recently and many generations ago. We will explore common dynamics across diverse immigrant communities as well as the similarities and differences among their experiences in Maine.  The conference is open to all at… read more »