“Si, se puede”

This week, I have spent a number of hours looking, reading and watching many resources about National Farmworker Awareness Week. It’s amazing to see how many organizations are able to come together on a national scale to honor and support the work that feeds us all.
Here in Maine, I like driving and seeing the occasional “Got Food, Thank a Farmworker” bumper sticker.   It’s a good reminder of the farmworkers who harvest our food, the food that give us all sustenance and who in turn give up so much for themselves and their families.
When I woke up this morning  I remembered that today is Good Friday.  I immediately thought of all the farmworkers who may also remember this liturgical date.  Today, might be a day they honor back in their home country and I can’t help, but wonder if they are able to do so while being here.  This week I came across this PDF  called “Si, se puede”it offers a variety of resources for farmworkers who wish to reflect, pray and find hope in the midst of their daily work life.  If you know of any farmworkers who would like to have this, please share widely.  I leave with you a quote, from one our board members, who also inspired me to write this post.  
“In our growing partnership with Maine Migrant Health Program and the farmworkers of Maine, I have found a greater appreciation for local agriculture.  In buying more local food and in raising awareness about worker justice in our community, I am living my values in the world. Join me in celebrating farmworker awareness this week by making a commitment to seek out and buy locally grown fruits and vegetables whenever and wherever possible.”
Rev. Carie Johnsen
Unitarian Universalist Community Church


LuzMarina Serrano
Camp Health Aide Coordinator