Community Health Worker Initative

Maine Migrant Health Program (MMHP), in partnership with the Maine CDC and MCD Public Health, is excited to announce that we will be developing a statewide Community Health Worker (CHW) program. This initiative is funded by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) as part of the State Innovation Model (SIM) project. It will build on our expertise and long-term commitment to working with CHWs and Promotoras.  We look forward to involving a broad base of Maine’s vulnerable communities in this project by providing them with the tools and skills to interact with our healthcare system as more than just patients.   MMHP’s Board of Directors and staff view the SIM project as an extension of our core commitment to health equity by directly engaging the communities we serve as our partner in the delivery of care. This opportunity will allow MMHP to cultivate new roles for the organization as the healthcare environment evolves under the Affordable Care Act.
Barbara Ginley will transition within MMHP to the new role of CHW Project Director. Over the next several months, MMHP’s Board of Directors, along with an interim director (TBA), will guide the transition of leadership within the organization.   For more information about the CHW project and/or this transition please contact Barbara Ginley at