Edith Flores: Empower Honoree Trailblazer!

Edith with Earl

Edith Group ShotWe are proud to announce that Edith Flores is a 2017 recipient of the Empower Honoree Trailblazer Award for this years’ Empower the Immigrant Woman Conference. MMHP is incredibly proud of Edith as she has been one of our longest-standing Community Health Workers, as well as a founder of Mano en Mano where she works as a Coordinator in Advocacy and Client Services.

Selection for this award was based on the following criteria:
– Outstanding reputation in the community as a respected leader;
– Someone who is effecting real change through your initiative, vision and achievements;
– Outreach and impact that transcends communities;
– Inspiring and empowering others through your character, service and leadership;
– Someone who exemplifies the spirit of the Empower Honoree Trailblazer Award and ability to Empower, Educate and Inspire.

Edith embodies these qualities in her work on behalf of both organizations. Coming from a migrant farmworker family, Edith has a unique understanding of the community that she serves. Her strong, gentle presence allows her to form trusting relationships with patients – making an impact on their individual lives while advocating for farmworkers on a community level.

You can check out more about the Conference, Award and Edith’s accomplishments at this website: http://www.empowerimmigrantwoman.org/2017trailblazers/

Congratulations, Edith. We are so very proud of you!