Holly and Karl Getting Married!

Holly & KarlOur history is rich with the contributions of students and volunteers who share MMHP’s vision and commitment of creating access to high quality health care and authentic caring relationships for migrant farmworkers. Often these young people spend a month or two in our midst as part of their training or as they explore careers in healthcare, Holly and Karl are two such people.

Holly and Karl first heard about the Maine Migrant Health Program during medical school. They were starting a local migrant health program and were pointed in the direction of MMHP. Supervised by Medical Director, Cheryl Seymour, MD, Holly and Karl volunteered during summer blueberry season and fall apple season. About their experience they say:

“We were so impressed and inspired by MMHP’s comprehensive care to farm workers. We learned so much working with them and had such a wonderful time collaborating with some of the most fun and dedicated people we’ve ever met. We still hold them as the standard for what we hope to someday accomplish as physicians. We are so excited to give our wedding guests the opportunity to support the amazing work MMHP does!”

Holly and Karl have been generous enough to encourage their wedding guests to donate to MMHP. We are so grateful for this. We wish them a happy life together filled with adventure. To donate in honor of Holly and Karl click the button below.