“I am Honduran”

Today we bring you a farmworker perspective.

“I am Honduran”


We want you to know that this program is extremely important and special to us and has been very useful. The climatic changes, the diet, and the work causes abnormal reactions that frequently make the human body ill. The attention that you give us with such kindness is worthy of recognition; we are very satisfied with it. Every visit that you do and the frequent communication from your employees is in the best interest for your patients: for the availability of your phone lines during work hours and non-work hours, for our requests for appointments and when it is an emergency, for the arrangement of our treatment and the improvement of our health, for the transportation available when we have appointments, for picking us up for appointments at the specified time, for the care that you give us with love and patience and for providing a humanitarian service.


Blessings to all of you.


My name is Salvador Otilio Guitierrez.

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