Welcome to Our New Website!

As we launch our new website our hope is that you, our visitor will have a better understanding of who the Maine Migrant Health Program is, and why our work is so vital to Maine’s communities, farmers and our collective health. Equally as important, is the role we feel our site should play in being a go-to place for information about migrant farmworkers, health disparities, and local resources. We recognize that it is in part our responsibility to educate and advocate on behalf of our constituents, farmworkers and their families.

In a perfect world, farmworkers would have ready access to our site and to the information that is available here. It is a goal of MMHP to look to the future of e-health and the disparity in access to technology but for now we have designed the site with our partners, supporters and the general public in mind. Our commitment to farmworker health hasn’t faltered, but a patient portal this is not (yet).

If you are here because you are in interested in accessing our care or services, please see the Services Page or call our office at 207-622-9252 (Toll Free: 888-351-9634).

Please take some time to check out the new site and let us know what you think. Feedback on what you like (or not), things you would like to see, what’s missing, how information is presented is all valuable.

Enjoy and read on!